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Bride trafficking rackets targetting South Asian women being run in China: Report

Beijing [China], January 2 (ANI): Chinese citizens run various bride trafficking rackets targeting women from South Asia and South East Asia. There have been various reports that explain the human trafficking scene in China, according to Investigative Journalism Reportika.

The report stated, "Though human trafficking takes place in various parts of the world, there are certain factors specific to China that facilitate the thriving of this industry."China's 'One Child Policy' and the prevalence of sex-selective abortion affected the country's sex ratio. There has been a shortage of brides in China. This is thus the primary reason for bride trafficking in China from other countries.

Brokers are paid huge money for these women as a result of China's rapid economic development which has improved individual economic conditions.

"Economic development has also led to more Chinese women joining the workforce. More women in the workforce mean that they are increasingly asserting their rights and financial independence, refusing to stay in unhappy marriages. Women walking out of their marriages is the reason why there are so many divorced men in china. These men are often the primary customers of the brokers," reported Investigative Journalism Reportika.

The Investigative Journalism Reportika report said, "There has been a major shortage of women in rural China, a result of both the one-child policy and sex-selective abortion, making it a hotspot for trafficking activities."Most of the prostitution business in China is forced prostitution. Women are trafficked for the same. China's Beijing, Shenzhen, and Dongguan have turned into prostitution hotspots, becoming prominent markets for the victims of sex trafficking.

The gender imbalance in China has also led to a surge in dowry prices. Families thus find it easier to get an imported bride than a Chinese local woman.

Women are trafficked from Cambodia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Nepal, Pakistan, and Thailand as a lot of these countries share land borders with China that are not very well-guarded and allow for easy smuggling of women.

"Rural women in these countries that have little financial support often fall victim to the monopoly of brokers who traffic them to China by making false promises," according to Investigative Journalism Reportika.

Women and their families are lured to China by brokers who advertise better employment opportunities and well-paid jobs.

According to the Human Trafficking Investigation Bureau Kathmandu, the Nepalese were duped by Chinese nationals and were illegally sent to Laos with offers of high salaries.

Earlier, Police Superintendent of the Bureau Daan Bahadur Malla informed that two Chinese nationals have lured and sold 10 Nepali youths. He said that further investigation is ongoing on the suspicion that they have sent more Nepali youths abroad. (ANI)