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Rising Star, David Ajakaiye’s musical odyssey

Nigeria is the bastion of Afrobeats, producing most of the stars who have penetrated the Western world in recent years. One rising star working so hard to be part of the genre’s organic growth is David Ajakaiye. The versatile artist with the stage name ‘Kaiye’ —formerly known as Daviskil. Kaiye possesses a unique ability to seamlessly blend singing, rapping and acting into his stage performances, making him a sought-after talent. His story is a remarkable one, inspiring others to chase their passions fearlessly, regardless of where they may lead.

Born and raised in the picturesque Kukuruku hills of Edo State, Kaiye’s journey into the world of music began within the sacred walls of the church as a choir member where his innate talent for singing and acting began to flourish. His dynamic stage presence then led to invitations from various churches for stage acts and performances, a testament to his exceptional artistry.

His journey from the hills of Edo as a young church singer to international stages as a rising Afrobeats artiste is a testament to his dedication, talent, and unwavering pursuit of his dreams. But Kaiye is embarking on a brand new musical journey, symbolising more than just a name change. It’s a rebirth of his artistry. The artist is poised to bring a new dimension to the music world by infusing his Afrobeats sound with renewed passion and creativity. While Daviskil’s legacy lives on through his earlier works, Kaiye is ready to carve a new path, captivating audiences with his artistry and innovation. In addition to his artistic pursuits, Kaiye, also an alumnus of São Paulo University in Brazil, has demonstrated his commitment to both his education and his craft. The young dude is working on some new songs that will be ready for the listening pleasure of lovers of Afrobeats at home and abroad, and he’s asking everyone to look out for his materials soonest.