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Nollywood Actor Enyinna Nwigwe to host Pyramid Game Show Nigeria

Nollywood actor Enyinna Nwigwe steps into the limelight once again, this time as the host of the Nigerian adaptation of the beloved American Pyramid Game Show. The big reveal occurred during a press briefing where Mekdoss International, the show’s producers, unveiled exciting details.

Nwigwe’s selection as the host emerged from an extensive audition process, showcasing his charisma and talent.

“This is me doing what I love to do on TV; having a good time making people happy, and at the same time giving them money in a time like this in Nigeria,” he said.

A remarkable milestone in the world of Nigerian entertainment, ‘Pyramid Game Show Nigeria’ represents the show’s debut in sub-Saharan Africa after four decades. CEO of Mekdoss International, Martins Gbados, underlines the significance of this partnership with Sony Pictures Television Entertainment, which will extend for ten years. He emphasized that the show goes beyond entertainment; it’s a powerful blend of empowerment and education.

“The show is an opportunity to help and empower people,” he said. “It is a CSR-oriented game show where regular folks get to win between N10 million and N15 million as the case may be. And the people helping them play are the celebrities. So for the first time, the celebrities are playing for the regular people to win.

“There is a vacuum in family-oriented game shows where parents and their children can sit and watch a TV show. And that’s the value that ‘Pyramid Game Show Nigeria’ brings to Nigerian society. Apart from the fact that the show is educational, it’s also entertaining. So if you put those three together: family-oriented, educational and entertaining, you see that you already have a game changer right.”

Director of Corporate Communications and CSR, Airtel, Femi Adeniran shared why the telecom brand is sponsoring the show.
“The format is a platform that will ensure families have moments to enjoy together. Anything that supports and promotes family bonding and reminds us of family culture is very dear to Airtel. It also rewards people for their imagination which is what Airtel is known for.”

‘Pyramid Game Show Nigeria’ is a captivating game of words and wit featuring two teams, each comprising a celebrity and a contestant, with celebrities helping the contestants to win N10 million on each weekly episode. Think of it as a sophisticated game of Charades with much higher stakes. Viewers can actively participate through SMS trivia, while the live audience can join in as well. Additionally, street vox pops will offer more Nigerians the chance to engage with the show.

Beyond winning cash prizes, Gbados revealed that the special category of the show, Mystery Seven, which allows winners to visit any destination in the world, will promote Nigerian destinations instead.

“Most Nigerian vacation places have not been explored. So for the next two or three seasons, winners of Mystery Seven will go to a Nigerian destination.”

To ensure that the game meets American standards, the producers from Sony Pictures will be in Nigeria to work with the Nigerian team.

The press briefing also doubled as an opportunity for the media to get in on the action. Vanessa Obioha, a journalist from THISDAY, won a lucky dip and played alongside celebrity model and actress Munachi Abii. She was rewarded with a Polystar Curved Smart TV and an Airtel gift pack, highlighting the show’s commitment to audience engagement.