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Nigeria @63: PDP congratulates Nigerians, knocks APC

The Peoples Democratic Party has felicitated Nigerians on the occasion of the 63rd Independence Anniversary of the Nation and for surviving over eight years of dreadful administrations of the All Progressives Congress.

The PDP, in a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Debo Olofunagba, on Saturday, alleged that the APC has reversed all the gains made by the nation’s founding fathers and immeasurable achievements recorded during its 16 years in government.

The opposition party explained that the independence of any nation and its sovereignty is embedded in the right, liberty, and freedom of citizens, especially to participate in governance through free, fair, and credible electoral process under a transparent and responsible government with the utmost respect for the rule of law.

“Painfully, the APC administrations have practically returned our nation to a state of bondage; a nation ruled by circles of cabals where citizens are treated with utter disdain like conquered people; where Government has no value for the lives and welfare of citizens; where dissenting voices are treated like enemies of State and where primitive dictatorship, violation of Human Rights and electoral malpractices are elevated as State policies,” the party added.

PDP lamented that the once secure nation has been opened up to terrorist elements, stating that the nation ranks as one of the highest in the world terrorism index.

It also declared that “APC has wrecked our productive sectors and turned our once economically thriving nation, into the poverty capital of the world, with an alarming 40% unemployment rate and where over 80 million Nigerians cannot afford their daily meals.

“Life has become so unbearable under the APC-led Nigeria that citizens are now resorting to suicide; more than three million citizens are internally displaced, over 400,000 crossed the borders to neighboring countries as refugees while thousands of our promising youths are fleeing to abroad.

“It is lamentable that despite all its atrocities, the APC continues to take Nigerians for granted with its arrogance, fake promises and false performance claims.

“The 63rd Independence Anniversary, therefore serves as a wake-up call to all Nigerians and lovers of freedom all over the world to stand in defense of Democracy, Rule of Law, respect for Human Rights, and Transparency in the governance of our country,” the statement read.