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Mohbad: Govt not protecting citizens, says Hilda Dokubo

As music lovers continue to mourn the death of a singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, aka Mohbad, a veteran actress and politician, Hilda Dokubo, says that the government is not doing enough to protect citizens from bullies.

She told Saturday Beats, “The government must stop itself from being a bully. Nigerians are all in the situation of Mohbad. We are saying that things are not working well, and the security agencies must stop bullying the people.

“I did not know Mohbad personally, but I have been traumatised by all that happened to him. The government is not protecting the people; that is why all these are happening.”

She also emphasised the fact that bullying does not happen in the entertainment industry alone but in other sectors of the country.

She said, “Bullying does not only exist in the movie or music industries, it happens everywhere. We are the only industry that has created jobs more than the government has created. However, where are the policies that protect us?

“When taxes are taken from civil servants, it should be given back to them when they retire, either as gratuity or pension. When it (tax) is taken from entertainers, at what point is it given back to them? That is bullying coming from the government. The government collects money from us without doing anything for us.”

The actress also stated that parents should not carry out any intimidating act in the presence of their children, because children learn from what they see. According to her, if a father is always yelling at his wife, the children will think that it is a norm, and they will grow up with that mentality.

She added, “Let us be kind with our words because we can damage people mentally with unkind words.”