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Loughborough University: How Adebayo Omotola got ₦30 million scholarship


Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could study at one of the UK’s leading universities on a fully paid scholarship, but that is exactly what happened when I was offered a spot at Loughborough University.

And what’s more, the whole process was much easier than you would ever expect. All it took was a few steps and submitted documents and I was on my way. Here’s how it happened.

I initially stumbled upon the Loughborough Development Trust Africa Scholarship (LDTAS) opportunity online in 2020, and their mission to empower African students to drive positive change in their home countries deeply resonated with me. The chance to study at a university renowned for its world-class education was a dream come true.

The first step was to apply for a placement which simply involved filling a form that took about 30 minutes to do. All I had to initially do was provide my details (full name, address, and nationality), show proof of funds to support my studies, and indicate the programme I was applying for.

I then provided my academic references, an academic transcript of my undergraduate degree showing the courses I studied and grades, a copy of my degree certificate, my English language qualifications, and a personal statement. I later found out that all these documents were not even immediately required to submit the application which I found amazing, especially coming from a country where these things may not be readily available for one reason or the other.

I went ahead and nervously submitted my placement application but was still confident knowing I had the favoured honours degree to be accepted. I was also able to state my commitment to returning to my country upon completion of the course to make a notable impact in my country. All these were required for a strong application, and the scholarship team was incredibly helpful throughout the process.

I made my first application in 2020 but, despite receiving a placement, I was unable to get the scholarship due to financial constraints that meant I would be unable to cover the remaining maintenance costs required over the scholarship period which is a key requirement to be accepted. I tried again in 2021, this time having received financial support from my family and personal savings to meet the requirement. But I was once again unsuccessful.

I once again applied in 2023 and this time I made various important changes that I believe played a major part in having a successful application. This time, I moved early to submit my study application a year before in October 2022. This gave me plenty of time to fine-tune my statement which I reviewed countless times. This time, I was truly confident in my application.

I was contacted just a few days later informing me that my application was being considered and a couple of weeks later, I was given a place. My excitement was palpable as, with my placement, I was finally able to apply for the full scholarship. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say my parents could not believe they could see me leave for university abroad without having to pay a dime in tuition.

All that was left was to sort out my accommodation. I was thinking surely this was going to be the difficult part. Getting accommodation in the big city of London felt like a daunting task. You wouldn’t believe I barely broke a sweat.

The Loughborough University team was unbelievably helpful with helping me find accommodation whether on or off campus. The school halls were state-of-the-art and the university team provided me with the best and most affordable options off campus to choose from.

Being able to study in a top UK university is a dream come true for me and I’m sure many others have the same dream. I can tell you for certain there is no better option than Loughborough University in terms of ease of service and optimum reliability. And for a scholarship that covers 100% of successful applicants' postgraduate course taught fees for one year? You just can’t beat that!