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Knocks, optimism greet Nigeria@63 celebration

As Nigeria marks 63 years of Independence from colonial rule, citizens have taken to social media to air their views on the development of the country since it gained independence.

While some knocked the leadership of the country, others were optimistic about the nation’s future.

Commenting on the country’s development, a Facebook user, Abdulrahman Ishaka, wrote, “There is no any development in Nigeria. The country is always going backward.”

Another user, Emmanuel Joseph, stated, “The leadership should do better they are the front lines of the nation they need to discharge their duties as promised when they get the oath of power serve the people move the economy forward.”

Expressing optimism, Kolajo Tolulope Ibukunoluwa, noted, “I think we are developing, we are not there yet and there is still space for more, but with the things that some youths are doing now, I see potential in our country and the future is really bright. God bless Nigeria.”

Martins Albert Umoh blamed the leaders, stating, “Nigeria could have been better in all aspects of development if not because of corruption in high places and bad governance. Our Democracy is artificial and very costly to practice. We need to remodel our kind of democracy to reflect our culture, tradition and background.”

Yomi Ajanaku wrote, “Nigeria is a great country full of happy people. I am proudly Nigerian and I know that things will get better with my country. We should all come together and support Tinubu’s government for a better tomorrow. I believe in Nigeria and I know that we will all thank this government in a few years to come. Happy Independence Day to Nigeria and Nigerians. God bless Nigeria 🇳🇬.”

Hailing the country, Kehinde Olubodun wrote, “Nigeria is changing for the good of all; from her old, vicious and retrogressive ways. Nigeria is succeeding in a progressive fashion! 🎉🎉🎉❤️❤️❤️👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿.”

On Instagram, Christmaths said, “Nigeria is still a work in progress. Everyone in Nigeria must work very hard and smart to come out of the dark woods. Let each of us give a life-subsidy to at least 63 Nigerians in the next 63 days.”

Igbejeremiah wrote on Instagram, “Nothing to write home about. Everyone knows that. It’s so painful.”

Another user, Olaniyisholanke, commented, “Development has gone nowhere!!! It’s unfortunate hardships Nigerians are going through for the past 63 years.”

On X, aruwayosamuel commented, “Since independent Nigeria is still developing with all the endowed natural resources and human capital, it’s shameful that our human capital resources have caused us this. Right hands are not trusted with the position of power.”

“Nigeria: Reflecting on the country’s development, it’s been a journey filled with both triumphs and challenges. Here’s to hoping for continued growth and progress,” a tweep, oladele35692, tweeted.

PROBidemi added, “63 years of Independence and nothing to show for it when an average Nigerian can not conveniently eat 3 good meals a day.
Giant of Africa indeed. Independence would have been better in 2023 than in 1960.”

“It’s heading in the right direction,” kadiridauda tweeted.

Calling for prayers, DrFerdinandOba1 said, “We are progressing but with somersaulting steps. Let us pray for Nigeria our country.”