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‘Kill Boro’ Unleashes Young Talents Kosi and Beloved

Vanessa Obioha

Two young actors Kosisochukwu Samuel Ogboruche, known as Kosi, and Beloved Osagie are about to take the film industry by storm, as they star in the highly anticipated film ‘Kill Boro.’ Their feature sheds light on the vital role young actors play in shaping the future of Nollywood.

In ‘Kill Boro,’ Kosi and Beloved deliver emotionally charged performances that impact the film’s cast and crew. Their ability to handle intense scenes with maturity and authenticity elevated the movie. Kosi plays the lead role of Elijah, while Beloved, embodies Elijah’s best friend.

Executive Producer and Co-founder of the First Features Project, Steve Gukas, was tasked with casting the crucial role of Elijah, the linchpin of the entire film. After an extensive search, Kosi emerged as the perfect fit, captivating everyone with his understated confidence.

Gukas, known for works like ’93 Days’ and ‘A Place in The Stars,’ praised Kosi’s performance, remarking, “Kosi has played Elijah like an old pro. Every day we shoot this remarkable story, I marvel at this kid’s incredible talent. With talent like his and his attitude to work, this kid will go very far.”

Beloved, who brings Elijah’s best friend to life, is equally captivating. Her performance is a delightful blend of attitude and subtlety, earning accolades from her fellow actors and the film director who commended her for infusing the film with depth through her dedication and talent.

Kosi’s journey into Nollywood is a testament to the serendipitous fusion of young talent and opportunity. Attending an audition for the film ‘Strain’ with his mother, gospel artist Nkiruka Ogboruche, Kosi decided to audition himself and excelled, kickstarting his remarkable journey as a child actor. His versatile filmography showcases his ability to adapt to various roles and convey complex emotions, highlighting the depth of talent among young actors in Nollywood.

Beloved’s journey into Nollywood also began with a twist of fate, as her participation in the ‘August, Every Day a Monologue’ challenge caught the attention of industry insiders, leading to her debut feature film opportunity.

Both Kosi and Beloved draw inspiration from industry heavyweights. Kosi looks up to actors like Dwayne Johnson, Will Smith, and Michael Folarin, while Beloved holds Funke Akindele in high regard, playfully referring to herself as “Auntie Funke Akindele’s Apprentice.”

As ‘Kill Boro’ prepares to captivate audiences, it serves as a reminder of the invaluable contributions of young actors in storytelling and filmmaking. Kosi and Beloved, with their remarkable talent, promise a captivating future for Nollywood, where child actors take the forefront and continue to enchant audiences with their magic. Their journey underscores the exciting potential of the next generation in Nollywood’s ever-evolving landscape.