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Involve more women in your cabinet,CCN tells Tinubu

… says women are more reliable, credible in governance

From Charity Nwakaudu, Abuja

The president of the Christian Council of Nigeria,(CCN) Most Rev. David Onuoha has advised president Bola Tinubu to involve more women in his cabinet, adding that women are more reliable and credible in governance than men.

Most Rev. Onuoha gave this advice in Abuja, on Thursday at a National leadership summit organized by the Women Wing of the Christian Council of Nigeria, themed: “Women in leadership an indispensable tool for the church growth.”

The president, who was represented by Arch Bishop of the Abuja province of the African Church, Peter Ogunmuyiwa stressed that women are more dependable and reliable than men both in leadership and other aspects of life.

He further insisted that no gender should be sidelined if Nigeria really want a regain its lost glory.

He said, “Women are naturally more disciplined than men. History has made us to understand that when you commit anything in the hands of women, they do it with zeal and passion more than the men. Women can be more reliable and dependable than men in leadership and other aspects of life.

No gender can do it alone. Men and women compliment each other for the advancement of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and the society. The position of the women both in the church is very prominent. A church or society that undermine their women is not fulfilling the gospel. Any church or society that really want to move forward will give equal respect to men and women.

This government has tried to bring more women to its cabinet, which is a good one. The society we are in is a men dominated one and it will take time for the women to be properly involved in the political system. We want to commend the president and encourage him to scout for more women to participate in governance, when you put more women in your government, you will have assurance of a very credible and progressive governance.

WOWICCN National President, Dr Uzoaku Williams, on her part called on Nigerian women to be mindful of what they teach their children at home.

She stressed that the change Nigeria is seeking for is in the hands of women because they are the first teachers of the children, adding that mothers have a lot to do in the society and governance .

Speaking about the summit, she said it is a gathering of women from the 36 States including the FCT, out to learn how to build their capacities and also transfer what they have learned to those at home because there are lots of narratives that needs to be changed as women.

“We can no longer be put aside, when you test the women, you will agree with me that women have what it takes to move this country forward.

It is time we recognize ourselves as peer educators to helping the society. Women are the first teachers for our children, so from home let us start to build our children, plant in them the right character. If we want Nigeria to be better, lets pay more attention to what we teach our children.”