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Erica Mena Questions Mona Scott-Young’s Olivia Pope Post After Firing

Erica Mena is calling out Love & Hip Hop Atlanta producer Mona Scott-Young over her comments that she is not integrally involved in the production of the show following criticisms that the show aired her and Spice’s blow-up and then fired her.

While on Angela Yee’s show Lip Service, Mona Scott-Young said in the 13 years since she started the show, her participation in the production has shifted to a passive state.

“That machine is self-sustaining. I am not in the field and I know that is hard for people to understand that which is why it’s like a double-edged sword,” she said.

“I know that people are going to have their narratives but I’m not about to sit there like this [texting motion] going back and forth,” she said, adding that it was “handled” and that “the network had put out their statement and they’d handled it.”

“People were coming to me and what they don’t understand is at this point, I see the show on the same basis that they see the show. I’m not involved in the cuts anymore. The cast in the field will tell you…there is a group of black women on the group making this show,” she said.

On the other hand, Erica Mena accuses Young of trying to “save face.”

“Soo @monascottyoung your saying that fake Olivia Pope post wasn’t you “handling” anything. Just you desperately trying to save face just like the network is….got it,” she wrote in response to Young’s statement.

While Erica has been dragged for her racist remarks against Spice, many have also called out Love & Hip Hop for filming, editing, and sharing the racist comments on TV, then firing Mena after the fact.

Erica has also taken digs at the franchise as she shared a video recently showing her on set on August 25th, days before she was fired after the episode was aired.

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Mena has issued a statement defending herself, noting that she is not racist. She has not publicly issued an apology to Spice. While she is fired for the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop, it’s unclear if she will be back on the show for future seasons.

In the meantime, Erica Mena continues to receive heavy criticism for calling Spice a ‘blue Monkey’ during a heated argument over parenting skills and relationship drama. While she has apologized via a written statement, some cast member feels her apology was not sincere. Yandy Smith also confronted her about her use of the racial slur, but Mena remained defiant, saying that she has no regrets about it and would violate Spice again if she could do it again.