Antigua and Barbuda
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AT&LU President Wigley George Bids Farewell After 28 Years

Wigley George, the longest-serving president of the Antigua Trades and Labour Union (AT&LU), has announced his departure after 28 years.

His tenure surpassed even V.C. Bird’s, marking a historic chapter in the AT&LU’s history.

George, speaking at the 84th annual delegates’ conference, reflected on his contributions, including significant wage negotiations that benefited public sector workers.

He emphasized his “battles” with the government, all in pursuit of better wages and conditions.

“I feel comfortable about my contributions to the union where I first served as a field officer, then general secretary and later as president.

“I helped the union negotiate many increases for workers in the public sector, including once getting a 100 per cent increase for some categories of wage earners.

“I have had many ‘battles’ with the government of the day, but all in favour of better wages and conditions for wages,” George recalled.

Despite occasional friction, George maintained unity between the AT&LU and the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party.

As he steps down, George believes the union is in capable hands, with ongoing negotiations for a 14 percent wage increase, reflecting his legacy of impact.

“I have been able to keep the union strong while at the same time perfecting the relationship between the two organisations’, Labour Movement,” he declared.

“Even as I am leaving, the union is in a good place as we have agreed to a 14 per cent increase for non-established workers.

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“The workers have already received a five per cent increase and there is a nine per cent increase outstanding. This is backdated for several years which means that there will be back-pay pending,” he observed.