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Chrisean Rock Hints Blueface Is Not Son’s Father As Ex-Boyfriend Surface

Rapper Blueface is resurrecting the claim that he might not be Chrisean Jr.’s dad after his mother seemingly fuels claims that her ex-boyfriend might be the father.

Blueface and Chrisean Rock are at loggerheads once again after he revealed a photo of his son suffering from a gigantic hernia in his scrotum. The rapper has faced major backlash over his decision to share the photo but claimed that Chrisean Rock was not taking the child’s health seriously and has pushed back five surgery appointments.

In the latest drama between them, Chrisean Rock has threatened Blueface and has even told her fans to harm him while only saying that he has to die because he revealed the photo of the child. The situation is getting messier as Blueface turns his attention to a man claiming to be Chrisean’s ex-boyfriend, Ronny Doe, who is claiming to be the father of the child.

In posts online, the man posted photos of himself side by side with Rock’s baby and a photo of Blueface where he tagged the Maury show with the words “You are not the father.”

Blueface, who previously doubted that he was the father of Rock’s baby, noting that she had been intimate with at least “10 men,” seems to think that Ronny is the father of Chrisean Jr.

On Twitter, he wrote, “I knew there was something off I don’t think that’s my baby that DNA test was alil weird when I read it seemed fake I had no control over that test plus y would you have a baby in bmore when you an the “alleged” father live in LA an the guy claiming the baby live in b more.”

In another tweet, Blueface added, “I think they look a lot more alike then me what do you think?” In another tweet, he wrote, “I got 1 BM an 2 kids till further notice.”

In other deleted tweets screenshotting Rock’s likes on Twitter, he added, “I thought I was trippin until I seen this. She kinda told on herself and he is claiming the same thing as well.”

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Rock previously revealed on her and Blueface’s show that she had done a DNA test taken from the umbilical cord to confirm that Blueface is the father. However, it is unclear if they have taken a test since the child was born.

In the meantime, Chrisean Rock has not responded to the latest mess, but he has been busy posting herself making new music, although it’s unclear whether she took the baby to see the doctor.