Prisoners are puffing on cannabis which is being hurled into jail hidden inside clumps of GRASS.

Phones and other contraband are also camouflaged in packs tossed on to green patches in jail grounds.

Lags hope guards won’t spot the packs – and jail chiefs have sounded the alarm. Today the Prison Officers Association said it was likely some had got through.

Assistant general secretary Mick Pimblett said: “Our security is doing a fantastic job, but it is unlikely they can stop all camouflaged parcels.

“This unusual method of smuggling tends to be prevalent at lower risk jails where they have large green areas.

It's an unusual way to smuggle into prison - but lumps of grass seems to be new trend (


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“Criminals throw over the parcels wrapped in grass and hope they blend into the landscape.

“It is quite simple and ingenious.”

The latest incident occurred at Category C Highpoint prison in Suffolk.

A guard doing a sweep behind unit five found two camouflaged packages in the grass area.

Cannabis has been smuggled into prison in lumps of grass (


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When opened, the parcels contained numerous mobiles, Sims, cannabis, tobacco and even super glue.

Suffolk police are investigating the smuggling bid on the 1st July.

A Prison Service spokesperson said: ““Vigilant staff at HMP Highpoint intercepted illicit items on 1 July. The incident has been referred to police.”

In May, criminals sellotaped grass around contraband lobbed into the grounds of HMP Altcourse, in Merseyside.

The package was spotted by an eagle-eyed warder behind Canal Green at the private jail, run by G4S.

The company declined to comment.

In May, criminals taped grass around contraband lobbed into the grounds of HMP Altcourse, in Merseyside.