A man fell asleep on a train to Manchester and ended up in Glasgow.

The young lad nodded off after getting on a train at Wolverhampton and ended up missing his stop, Glasgow Live reports.

He was found lost in Glasgow by charity workers, who walked him to four different hotels before finding a room for him to sleep safely in.

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Glasgow Street Aid posted details of the bizarre situation on their Facebook page last night.

The post said: "Have you ever been so tired you fell asleep on a train and ended up in Glasgow when you were only trying to get from Wolverhampton to Manchester?

"Tonight we came across a young guy in this situation, he'd never been to Scotland before so was a bit lost to say the least."

It is understood the lad woke up after the train's final stop before Glasgow at Carlisle.

And the team thanked staff at the Premier Inn, George Square, for taking the bewildered man in.

Their efforts were praised by followers, one of whom pointed out: "Well done guys, so dedicated and caring."

Another added: "Young man safe, good job guys."

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