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Britney Spears praised by Sharon Stone amid fan concern over ‘bizarre’ topless selfies

Britney Spears has been supported by Sharon Stone amid fan concern over a series of topless posts.

On Saturday (31 July), Spears posted a topless video in which she can be seen looking at the camera and tilting her body while covering her breasts with her hands.

The brief clip follows three topless photos, two of which she went on to delete, and another brief video shared earlier this week.

Spears’ fans have been left confused by the post, with many questioning why she is continuing to share the images. One called it “bizarre” while another wondered if something “suspicious” was “going on”.

However, Oscar-winning actor Sharon Stone praised Spears in reply to the most recent video.

“U r beautiful And you are a grown up woman A beautiful Powerful Woman,” she wrote. “You can decide what type of power you want to have and who you get to be Be Wonderful Be brave Be your best Be how you would have liked someone to be to you.”

Britney Spears shared a fifth topless post on Instagram

Earlier this month, a New Yorker report revealed that 10 people from Spears’s team meet each week to discuss her social media posts.

Spears reportedly writes her own posts before submitting them to CrowdSurf, the company that handles her social media accounts, which then uploads them on her behalf.

Last month, Spears angrily criticised her sister Jamie Lynn in two separate posts in which she addressed her ongoing battle to reclaim her conservatorship.

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