With eerie looking ornaments and creepy looking mannequin heads scattered everywhere, it could be mistaken for the setting of a Stephen King horror movie.

But these images weren’t taken on a film set – they are the pictures of an abandoned house stumbled upon by an urban explorer.

Frozen in time, the property, known locally as the Horseman's House is in Ousefleet near Goole, East Yorkshire, has been unoccupied for years and features fascinating treasures inside.

Dozens of horse trinkets line the shelves of long forgotten rooms, along with yellowing piles of books, stained mugs, and frayed pictures of horses all over the walls, reports Yorkshire Live.

In fact, there are so many images and ornaments of the animals the property is known locally as the Horseman's House.

There are horse ornaments and pictures everywhere inside the house

The house has remained untouched for years and it's not clear who owns it

The remarkable pictures were taken by Youtuber Kyle Urbex, who travels around the country documenting abandoned buildings and putting them on social media.

The house is full of animal-related trinkets and décor, including dozens of horse figures and photos, and a box of stuffed owls.

“It's locally dubbed the Horseman's House due to the vast collection of horse memorabilia such as figures. Pictures. Posters. All horse related,” Kyle said.

“Once inside I was stunned how it had been frozen in time due to the location it's in. It isn't surprising either as it's in a small village on the outskirts of Ousefleet in Goole.

“Inside I found everything ranging from brass clinging to the walls, horse figures on a shelf in the upper bedroom, old bread rolls scattered across the floor and other little trinkets and ornaments.”

There is a mannequin head with several straw hats in one room and books

Instagrammer Kyle spotted the house with overgrown shrubs and trees around it and was intrigued

Along with the horse memorabilia and décor, Kyle also found oddities like a box of stuffed owls, a plate marking the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, a mannequin’s head with several straw hats on it and dozens of tin containers.

“Overall I quite enjoyed the explore wondering what must have happened for a house to be left in such a frozen in time state. It was an amazing experience,” he said.

Earlier this month, the Instagrammer also visited a derelict swimming pool in Glasgow and the photos from that were certainly not for the easily scared.

Inside the annex swimming baths and gymnasium complex of the former Bellahouston Academy in Cessnock, which was built in 1875, alongside the original school building, were dozens of broken, weird-looking mannequins spaced around the empty pool and in the seating area overlooking it.

Some of the mannequins had no heads, making the scene look even more frightening.

Trinkets and tins are scattered around in some rooms, decorated with horse images

The house is full of animal-related trinkets and décor

The urban explorer used an open window to climb inside the building through an open window to do some exploring and captured the bizarre images during his visit.

Another spine-chilling photo showed a pool of red water at the bottom of the pool that looked like blood.

The dilapidated pool is due be demolished so new flats can be built at the site.