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'Living in a bubble': Woman's take that 'HDB people' shouldn't work in private properties leaves netizens livid

One woman's recent hot take on "HDB people" has drawn plenty of flak from netizens, who questioned if she is out of touch with reality.

In a LinkedIn post shared on Monday (May 22), Satwant Kaur said that it is "hard for her to live in Singapore" when people living in public housing are allowed to take on jobs in private residential areas.

"They remain for six to eight hours a day, and that's a lot," the woman said, adding that it is necessary to limit contact with "HDB people" so that she would not lose her "unique identity".

The reason why Kaur felt that those living in HDB flats should not mix with private property residents?

"It's time to accept, for the most part, HDB and private residence people are very different because of our outlook on community building," she claimed.

In the social media post, Kaur said that those living in private properties are built "according to values and mindset".

"We ignore race, language and religion and prioritise mental acuity and emotional stability," she added, while claiming that she shows her "values and our humanity in how she works, play and hire".

Public housing residents, however, are "about money and not values", according to Kaur.

"It's simply about networks and rules that the government can give them, and they sit and wait for them," she said. "It tells us nothing of their values nor their humanity."

Describing herself on LinkedIn as a "nationalist", Kaur listed how she is working in the communications industry and is an "influencer and content creator". 

While Kaur did not mention who are the "HDB people", several netizens called her out for suggesting that "cleaners and foreign domestic workers" have no place on private property grounds. 

"Basically saying "poor" people should not work in "rich" peoples' areas because somehow "rich" people have a unique identity," a netizen said.

"She's living in a bubble," another said.

One user on LinkedIn felt that her opinion the social media platform was an "interesting read". 

"I found Satwant's post illuminating as it highlights the fault lines due to income equality in Singapore, said another netizen said, adding that it is "crucial to address this issue". 


AsiaOne has contacted Kaur for comment.

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