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'How to raise children here?' Man 'lured' into erotic massage parlour at Bishan

Sometimes a wave is just a wave, other times, it's a cry for help. 

But in one man's case, it was an unexpected invitation to an erotic massage parlour.

TikTok user Paaladin took to social media on Thursday (May 11) to share a nearly 45-second video, compiling a series of selfies that he took as he was chased out of a massage parlour he claims he was "lured" into.


The 40-year-old, who declared that he was a volunteer with the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), was caught off-guard when he saw women waving and beckoning him to come over from behind the glass window of a HDB block in Bishan. 

Naturally, he thought that he was needed to put out a fire or provide some medical assistance.

"I went in and asked what happened and how I can help. And they started to touch me by the biceps and show the price list," Paaladin recounted. 

"When I turned on the Google Lens camera to translate what they show and understand what they need from me, they started to run away through the back door. Really grabbed their suitcases and ran. And then I, stupid ang moh, realised that I was lured into the 'massage parlour' with a 'happy ending'."

This father quickly realised that he had been tricked into a compromising situation. He wanted to take the liberty to file a complaint about harassment however the nearest police station he went to was closed for repairs, he said. 

"I heard that there are 'massage parlours' in Singapore, but I didn't think I'd get to visit it," said the user.

"I didn't think this was possible in Singapore. How to raise children here?" The man relays his concerns while noting that there was a bruise where the women had groped him.

He adds that his eldest son is 17 years old who is also responsive to human requests and that "he, too, can be lured there..." 

The video has since garnered more than 87,000 views and his candid account of the incident has made many find humour in the situation.


Some, however, showed concern for him.


AsiaOne has reached out to Paaladin for comment. 

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