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Haidilao staff tells customer 'thank God you came back' after charging her $1.05 instead of $105 for meal

An entire hotpot meal for just $1.05 sounds too good to be true.

For Jesslyne Lee, that really was the case after a staff at Haidilao accidentally keyed in the wrong value for her bill.

But instead of taking the opportunity to get a cheap meal, this honest diner decided not to take advantage of the situation.  

In a TikTok video on Monday (May 22), Lee shared more about the incident which took place at the hotpot chain's Northpoint outlet on May 13. 

Her total bill added up to $105. 

But when she paid with her American Express card, one of the staff missed two decimal points and keyed in $1.05 instead.

After realising what had happened, Lee, who had already left the restaurant, returned to pay the correct amount. 

In response, the staff gratefully said: "Thank God you came back. Otherwise, it will be deducted from my pay." 

The $1.05 bill was then voided and Lee said she was given "returning vouchers" by the hotpot chain. 

The staff also revealed that she had used another team member's account to settle the bill and almost got her into trouble as well. 

AsiaOne has reached out to Lee for more details. 


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One added that as they personally don't look at their bills, they would have missed out on the wrong charge. 


Hawker tracks down diner who overpaid by 100 times 

In a separate incident back in January, a customer overpaid a whopping 100 times more for his meal from Xiao Mei Ban Mian at a Woodlands coffee shop.

Instead of $4.50 via PayLah, he had paid $450 for his bowl of mee hoon kueh soup. 

As the customer was an elderly man who does not frequent the stall, the hawker used Facebook to try and reach out to him. 

A few days later, the hawker managed to successfully settle the refund after tracking down the diner. 

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