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Watch out: Durian falls on hiker's head at Pulau Ubin

While out hiking with her friends at Pulau Ubin, a woman hit the 'jackpot' when a falling durian hit her on the head. 

The woman's friend, Ruby Quijano took to a local Facebook group to share the mishap last Sunday (May 7).

"The durian dropped [on] my friend's head straight from the tree while we [were] walking," she wrote in her post. 

Quijano added that her friend fell after the fruit hit her head. 

Thankfully, her friend's hat protected her from suffering any serious injury. 

In her post, Quijano included a short clip of her friend being attended to by some NParks staff. There was also a photo of her friend's scalp, which had some bloodied spots from the durian's spikes. 

Despite the accident, Quijano wrote that she still had an enjoyable time hiking at Pulau Ubin. 


Members of the public who wish to pluck fruit from trees or collect fruit that has dropped from trees on State land need to approach NParks for permission

Those who pluck or collect fruit in a public park without permission can be fined up to $5,000 under the Parks and Trees Act. 

However, one of her friends clarified that they had merely picked the durians from the ground to pose for photos, and did not bring any back with them. 


AsiaOne has contacted NParks for more information. 

Durian falls on mother and son 

Getting hit on the head by a durian might be a rare occurrence, but a Malaysian woman and her son met with the same fate back in 2019. 

Norfarahan Baharuddin was carrying her four-month-old son, Megat Muhammad Kays, when a durian from a tree beside her house fell on her, before bouncing off onto the boy's head. 

The pair were rushed to Jengka Hospital where they were treated for their injuries.

According to the father, Megat Zarulfais Megat Kamaruddin, 26, his son was not as seriously injured as his wife, who sustained bruises on her chest from the fruit's thorns.

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