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'She lucky this is Singapore': Netizens praise strangers for aiding drunk woman found slumped on MRT train

It is always heartwarming to see when people come together in times of need.

On Sunday (May 14), a TikToker user posted a video showing a woman who appears to be drunk, slumped on the MRT seats. 

In the video recorded by Birds_eye38, the woman could be seen with her head on the train seats and was unable to sit up straight. 

Thankfully, it wasn't long before a bunch of strangers, mostly women, who noticed that she was under the influence and surrounded her, trying to help and protect her.

One of the women saw that her purse was left opened and proceeded to buckle it. 

An auntie seated beside her even allowed the woman to rest her head on her shoulder and even held her head so that she wouldn't fall over.

AsiaOne has reached out to Birds_eye38 for comment. 



On the other hand, there were netizens who questioned why the drunk woman did not take a cab home since she was alone.


Some even wondered why none of her friends accompanied her home, but left her alone instead. 


In March, a man enlisted the help of some buskers to alert a car owner that his one of their car windows were rolled down

The moment was captured in a video and uploaded onto Instagram by Singapore Incidents on March 22.

The video captioned: "The sense of community in Singapore is why we're regarded as one of the safest countries in the world because we've reliable and proactive citizens."

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