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'Please stop': 5 passengers caught scuffling on Scoot plane in Shenzhen

Tempers flared among travellers on board a Scoot plane which landed in Shenzhen, with five female passengers caught in a scuffle on camera. 

A video shared by TikTok user Yyhiakhiakhiak on Friday (Sept 8) showed the catfight occurring along the plane aisle during disembarkation.

The women were seen tussling with each other in the beginning of the clip, with one flight attendant exclaiming, "Please stop". Another female voice could be heard saying, "Don't fight, don't fight".

The shoving match continued, however, with one of the women falling onto the seats. It is not clear what sparked off the incident.

The argument continued for several seconds after, with the women heard squabbling over who started the fight first. Behind them, passengers were seen queuing up along the aisle, waiting to pass through. 

The commotion was loud enough to alert the flight captains who emerged from the cockpit to check on the fracas.

In a reply to 8world, Scoot stated that the incident happened on Wednesday on board flight TR144 from Singapore which landed in Shenzhen.

@yyhiakhiakhiak 请停止!!!!! singapore to shenzhen TR144 #scootairline #深圳 #airlinetiktok #打架 #sgtiktok ♬ original sound - wong👾

The statement added that airport authorities had activated contingency plans to assist Scoot's ground staff and cabin crew in handling the situation.

Apologising for the inconvenience caused, the spokesperson stated that the disembarkation process continued without a hitch thereafter and Scoot flight TR145 returning to Singapore departed on time.

Online, a majority of netizens appeared to be bemused by the altercation and what could have caused it.

"Are they fighting over the armrest?" wondered one TikTok user. Better than SQ Krisworld," wrote another commenter, in reference to Singapore Airlines' (SIA) in-flight entertainment system.

Wherever the group's unhappiness stemmed from, it appears to be markedly different from the recent experience of a New Zealand couple on board an SIA flight, after they complained about being seated next to a 'snorting, farting dog'.

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