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'Our friends' phones captured better footage': Newlywed shames videographer for overexposed wedding videos

A newlywed has taken to social media to share how her wedding video, taken by a video production company, had gone awry - a cautionary tale for other brides-to-be.

In a TikTok video shared last Saturday (May 13), Uma detailed how she paid $1,020 for a package with C J Videos Singapore to film her special day.

"I would like to point out that three videographers from C J Videos came with their professional gear," the TikTok user said, adding that one of them was the owner of the company. 

However, Uma was shocked after taking a first look at her wedding video in March.

Describing how several of the footage was overexposed, the woman said: "When asked, [the company told us that] their package did not include 'advanced editing and equipment'.


"They [also] said that there was too much light at the venue…But our friends and families' mobile phones captured much better footage without edits".

To support her claim, Uma shared stills from the "professional" wedding video and compared them against footage taken by "random" mobile phones.

She also shared screenshots of their interactions with C J Videos.

"We believe that we have provided you with the best service possible at a very affordable rate," the video production company said in a text message to Uma and her husband.

But Uma has hit back at C J Videos for their unprofessionalism.

"Thanks to [their] goodwill, we now have 26GB of footage… Several of which are overexposed and unusable," she said, adding that the owner of the company has since "ghosted" her.

Uma's TikTok video has garnered more than 400,000 views.

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Several customers had previously praised their professionalism and service.

Overexposed wedding video due to "harsh lighting": C J Videos

In a statement shared on Instagram on Monday (May 15), the video production company said that they had filmed the two-part "documentary-style" wedding video using up-to-date camera equipment. 

It added that the overexposed footage from Uma's wedding video was due to a "harsh stage light".

"In the midst of the event, a strong light blasted from the left side of the wedding stage," C J Videos said, adding that Uma's husband told them that the lighting was "part of decoration" and refused to reduce its brightness. 

C J Videos shared that they tried switching positions on stage to combat the lighting. 

"Adhithyan [Uma's husband] was concerned that his guests might not be able to view the ceremony on stage," they said, adding that they were later told to film at the original position despite the "challenging lighting conditions". 

Clarifying on Uma's accusations that she was "ghosted", C J Videos said that they had prepared a second revision of the film after receiving feedback from their client. 

But when probed by AsiaOne, the video production company declined to share if they had sent the edited wedding video to the couple. 

In their statement on social media, C J Videos said that they do not intend to criticise anyone. 

"We hold great respect for all decoration companies and stakeholders in the wedding industry," they said. 

"We firmly stand behind our work and assure our clients our commitment to provide high-quality services at a reasonable rate." 

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