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Changing tracks? NOC co-founder Sylvia Chan is becoming a life coach

If you've been wondering what NOC co-founder Sylvia Chan is up to, you can cough up just $35 for a tete-a-tete to find out more. 

The 35-year-old co-founder of the now-defunct Night Owl Cinematics (NOC), has apparently been exploring new interests after the infamous NOC saga.

Apart from getting a new job at Gushcloud International last year, she has a new passion project — life coaching. 

For the uninitiated, life coaching involves counselling and encourages individuals through personal or career challenges. 

In a series of Instagram stories uploaded on May 20, Chan shared that she is currently studying to be a life coach.

And she will soon be ready to take on "coachees/clients". 

"What can you expect? Me using all my life experiences, work experience, divorce experience, saga experience, consultant experience, entrepreneur experience, creator experience.

"I'm utilising all my knowledge plus my new life coach training to help you with your issue on hand," she shared. 

But why life coaching?

Chan said in that post that she has actually received many requests to share her learnings on "everything that has happened". 


And to her, the best way to do that is to learn how to be a life coach. 

"It is so important for me to pick up a new skill in addition to all I already know," she explained, adding that she'll be charging a "flexible special coaching rate" for a one-to-one session that's an hour long. 

This ranges from $35 to $88, depending on what the client can financially commit to. 

She didn't say if she's still with or has left Gushcloud. 


Chan and NOC came under the spotlight in 2021 after accusations of a toxic work culture, where audio recordings and conversation snippets from messaging platforms surfaced on social media, some accusing Chan of mistreating employees with expletives and slurs. 

NOC addressed the matter in a statement in October that year, saying the "the excerpts that are published are cherry-picked abstract communications between private individuals carefully showcased to paint a wholly negative picture". 

The company released a statement then saying that the allegations were "a massive crusade against the public image and reputation of NOC and its employees".

Days later, Chan apologised, saying that she "did not live up to the standards expected of [her]" and she would be removed from the company's artiste line-up.

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