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Boy 'helpless and afraid' after falling and breaking teeth at Bird Paradise playground

One boy ended his trip to Bird Paradise with two broken teeth after an accident last Saturday (May 20).

Speaking to AsiaOne on Thursday (May 25), Wynn Chan shared that she had brought her family of five - including her 11-year-old son - to the park for the first time. 

"We didn't visit the birds since it was super hot that day," the mother of three said, adding that they spent a good three hours at Egg Splash instead.

While the playground was a fun respite from the sweltering heat, Chan, who is her twenties, observed how the kids there were slipping and sliding around.

Describing how her son went down a slide there, the woman said: "Before he could get up, another kid just went straight at him, and it caused him to fall hard on his face."

In a Facebook post shared on Monday (May 22), it showed Chan's son had suffered two broken front teeth as a result of the accident.

The woman said that a dentist told her that the treatment would cost around $1,200.

"And the earliest appointment is in June," Chan lamented. "A kid has to suffer a toothache and headache for that long. I don't know what awaits ahead of us."

The mother told AsiaOne that her son was helpless and afraid after the accident.

She added that her eight-month-old son had also suffered scratches from Egg Splash due to stones on the ground.

"I'm not blaming Bird Paradise, but I hope they can do something about it," Chan said.

Responding to AsiaOne's queries, Mandai Wildlife Group said that their staff responded to the incident last Saturday and assisted Chan and her son.

"We spoke to them again the next day and continue to be in contact," a spokesperson said, adding they are looking into the feedback and focusing on the points that the family has raised.

"We take this seriously and to enable us to be thorough with our investigation, we have closed the playground to conduct a review with the equipment specialists," said the spokesperson.

Electrifying walk at the park 

In another recent issue at the park, several visitors warned that the walks there are "electrifying" after suffering static shocks there.

One TikTok user shared how he was momentarily shocked upon touching the metal railings at the park.

"Keep your hands away from the railings at Bird Paradise or you might be in for a shocking surprise," he warned.

In response to AsiaOne's queries, the Mandai Wildlife Group said then that they're communicating with guests in their park that contact with the handrails and door handles may produce static energy.

Signs were placed around the park notifying visitors that the static shocks are "uncomfortable", a spokesperson said.

""We are working with experts to improve the experience for our guests."

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