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Blink and you'll miss it: Woman's Blackpink tickets go missing, turns out roommate nicked them

For the longest time, she thought her Blackpink concert tickets had gotten lost in the mail. 

But in reality, her roommate had stolen and resold them to an unsuspecting fan. 

The woman surnamed Zhang, 25, had purchased two tickets for herself and her boyfriend on Feb 6, reported Shin Min Daily News. 

She paid $666 for the tickets and opted to have them sent over to her via mail. 

However, after a month, she still hadn't received the tickets. 

So, she contacted the ticket seller on March 13 and was told that she may have not filled in her mailing address properly. 

"I was worried that the tickets would be forfeited. Therefore, on March 15, I emailed the ticket seller to get the tickets changed to electronic ones and everything was fine," she recounted to the Chinese daily.

Roommate said he hadn't seen tickets 

Zhang said that there is only one key to the mailbox in her home, which is held by her male roommate. 

On March 15, after switching her tickets to electronic ones, she asked her roommate if he had seen the tickets in the mailbox. 

He said no, adding that he had been too busy to check the mailbox. 

Zhang said she doesn't have many interactions with him and his family. 

"My roommate is a PHD candidate who graduated from a well-known local university. I didn't expect him to be a thief, " she told the Chinese daily. 

The truth comes to light 

Zhang only found out that her tickets were stolen by her roommate on the day of the concert. 

During the performance, she was approached by a couple, who told her that they had been tricked into buying invalid tickets. And as it turns out, their tickets were for Zhang's seats. 

"They were a couple and the woman was pregnant. They said that my roommate might have stolen the tickets and put it for sale online. 


"They paid $670 for the tickets but they couldn't get in when they came down for the concert, so they had to buy new tickets," explained Zhang. 

The couple also showed their chat history with Zhang's roommate, which revealed that he had asked for cash payment during the transaction. 

Upset, Zhang confronted her roommate and he admitted to stealing the tickets. 

He has reportedly refunded $590 to the couple and apologised to them and Zhang. 

The roommate also repeatedly begged the couple to drop the case, claiming it was a misunderstanding.  

"He has already returned to China after the incident. I told him I would not accept his apology because he premeditated the crime and thought that he would not be exposed if he left Singapore," Zhang told Shin Min Daily News. 

The Police confirm that a report was lodged and investigations are ongoing.

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