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Fighter who flashed breasts in celebration makes OnlyFans boast

Tai Emery has seen a huge increase in fans paying for her content since the weekend

A Bare Knuckle FC (BKFC) fighter who flashed fans after marking a debut win has claimed to have received a huge increase in subscribers to her OnlyFans account while warning that her celebrations are "only going to get worse."

Australian brawler Tai Emery went viral last week for knocking out local fighter Rung-Arun Khunchai with a stunning combo of uppercuts and hooks that sent the Thai to the canvas in Bangkok.

As the referee called off the action, Emery jumped on the ropes and flashed her breasts to the cheering and surprised crowd.

According to Emery, the risk she took paid off as her OnlyFans page enjoyed a 6,150% increase.

While previously making $400 a month from subscribers that pay $10 to access her material, it has been estimated that she is now going to be making around $25,000 a month after enjoying a 62-fold increase in paying fans.

"Holy moly," Emery said, "My OnlyFans went maybe 40 to maybe [2,500], or something like that," she explained to TMZ.

Then asked if she had been reprimanded for her act, Emery stated that she has been "completely enabled to continue to be myself, and so I shall".

Furthermore, she has vowed to put on more displays of flesh and predicted that the celebration will be reciprocated.

"I'm trying to get it to a point where maybe there's like gonna be a reflection of a sea of t**ties just looking back at me in like this army of salute, from men to women," she revealed.

"This is who I am. So fortunately, or unfortunately people, it's going to get worse the more I am enabled, the more comfortable I feel to not be so shy and introverted."

"If that's me being introverted and shy, it's just going to get a little crazy. With BKFC, and my personality, they'll support the things that I say, how I feel, and how I think [compared to] another combat sport where they probably don't want that sort of behavior, or don't want someone with the opinions that I like to hold. The call came and I haven't looked back since," she added.

"Honestly, it's been one of the best things to happen," Emery claimed. "I've always said that as long as you're always truly just being yourself in every moment, nothing bad can come from it."

Noting there were probably a few people that were worried she would receive backlash in conservative and Buddhist Thailand as it's "actually illegal for women to show their breasts, but it's legal for a man that has fake breasts to be able to expose his chest", Emery claimed to have received a "lot of support" from "every single country".

"Of course, I think everyone would be talking about it, but I think a lot of people that are covering it are saying that this was a textbook uppercut followed by a crazy celebration, so I think I needed to boss out - boss out in technique, boss out every single second [of the fight] boss out when I walked off, and just boss out as I celebrated. It just makes more sense that way," Emery suggested. 

"Yes, we have broken the internet," Emery also bragged to the same outlet. "This is a new thing. My friends have told me that I am the No. 1 trending thing on Google, so that's kind of nice to beat a Kardashian at something."

Explaining how the incident unfolded, Emery said she "threw the threat out there" around BKFC CEO Nick Chapman and also, she thinks, at her management while "literally being a brat" and seeing "if I could make people feel uncomfortable just being myself and wanting to see their reaction."

"When it came to, [and] every single person that really knows me, there's a moment where they're like, 'Tai's being Tai,' and it's bloody well paid off. There was no backlash at all.

"Everything is positive, positive, positive, which is why it's been so bloody good because it wasn't meant to make anyone feel some type of way negatively, but if that's what they're going to feel, than I think they need to have a look at themselves to see why that's triggering them while someone is up there having a good time," she went on.

"I'm sure there are ladies who probably flashed their t*** for a free Bundy rum back home in Australia, but c'mon, I just knocked a b**** out," Emery underlined.