A woman 'brutally' murdered her husband by pouring boiling water and sugar over him at their home.

Corinna Baines killed her husband of 38 years Michael after a family dispute.

The 59-year-old was also her husband's carer and both had children from previous relationships and shared one son together.

Michael, 81, was injured on July 14, 2020, after the incident in Highfield Road, Neston, Liverpool.

The day before the murder, there was a dispute between Mrs Baines, her daughter, and Mr Baines, although the basis of the disagreement was never confirmed in court.

Mrs Baines filled a garden bucket with two kettles' worth of boiling water and mixed in three bags of sugar, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Corinna Baines was found guilty following a trial at Chester Crown Court
Corinna Baines was found guilty following a trial at Chester Crown Court

She added the sugar to the water to make the liquid thicker and stickier and to cause greater damage to her husband.

The contents were then poured over Mr Baines as he was lying in bed, and he received burns to more than a third of his body.

He was rushed to hospital where he stayed for five weeks for treatment for his injuries and following various complications he died on August 18, 2020.

Mrs Baines went shopping with her daughter the day before the killing, the court heard.

Her husband rang her later in the day and seemed impatient for her to return home and Mrs Baines' daughter criticised how he treated her.

It was said the defendant was livid at the time but appeared to have calmed down when she was taken home by her daughter and son-in-law later.

However, as the evening came, she rang other relatives to talk about what happened and ended up making the mixture to pour over her husband in bed.

A witness nearby said Mrs Baines left the home and went into a neighbour's house sobbing: "I've hurt him, I've hurt him really bad. I think I’ve killed him."

When officers arrived they found her husband in the house, moaning and in extreme pain.

Initially, Mrs Baines changed her story but later admitted what she had done when her husband died.

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She said she done it when she had lost control.

Following a trial at Chester Crown Court, Mrs Baines was found guilty of murder by a jury and is set to be sentenced on July 9, 2021.

She was prosecuted as Corinna Baines but has since begun using the name Corinna Smith, the Echo writes.

Crown advocate Jayne Morris of CPS Mersey Cheshire said Mrs Baines wanted to "extract vengeance" and the Crown Prosecution Service said, "she intended either to kill Michael or to cause him really serious harm".

Ms Morris added: "The jury have agreed with us and found her guilty. This is a tragic case that has devastated the family of Mr and Mrs Baines and our thoughts remain with them."