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'Who decides what’s offensive?' Andrew Doyle urges Brits to stand up to woke 'precedent'

Censorship: Growing support is 'major concern' says host

Speaking on his show Free Speech Nation, the GB News host issued a severe warning that free speech is under fire more than ever as it emerges the SNP, the police and the British Government are engaging in more and more incidents of "dangerous censorship" and cancel culture. Mr Doyle said the "precedent" being set by actions such as the SNP's Hate Crimes bill, which could see people arrested at home for "legal but harmful speech" and the police having the power to prosecute for "non hate crime incidents" as well as having a "database of offensive language" must be stood up to or he claimed the UK faces an uncertain future.

Mr Doyle said: “Growing support for censorship is a major concern and although we still live in a free society we can’t afford to be complacent. 

“Every time we see an attempt to chip away at our freedoms we need to take a stand."

He slammed: “Who decides what’s harmful?!

“In Scotland this year the SNP brought in their new hate crimes bill which could see people prosecuted for things they say in the privacy of their own home.

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Andrew Doyle

Andrew Doyle expressed deep concerns over the number of "overarching state control" incidents (Image: GB News)

Andrew Doyle

Doyle hit out at various institutions such as the police (Image: GB News)

“Or play write's dragged into court if their dramatic representations are deemed likely to stir up hatred.

“Do these people really not appreciate the dangers of allowing the state to lock up its citizens if they decide that their speech is hateful?

“Do they really not see what sort of precedent this sets?”

He added how UK police “already” record “non crime hate incidents” that can prevent people getting a job in the future which he said is another example of the dangerous precendents being set.

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Mr Doyle slammed the SNP for growing efforts to clampdown on free speech (Image: Getty Images)

The GB news anchor added how even Scottish police "have a data base of offensive jokes they have read online”.

And that an astonishing 3,000 people per year are arrested for “offensive things they have said on the internet”.

Mr Doyle added: “But again, who decides what is offensive! It is just a hopelessly subjective notion.”

Mr Doyle went on to warn how the movement will go further if people do not stand up to the changes that are being brought in and crackdowns on what the government deem “offensive”.

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Social Media companies will be able to report "legal but harmful" language (Image: Getty Images)

He said: “An unscrupulous future government could decide that criticism of its policies is offensive and what happens then?

"When it comes to legislation, ambiguity is the last thing you want.

“The next time you read about someone being arrested for mis-gendering someone, or being taken to court for quoting rap lyrics on Instagram or being fined for a joke, all of which has happened in recent years... You should say something about it.

"Because freedom of speech has to be for eveyone, and the price we pay for living in a free society is that some people will say things we don't like... and the kind of state overreach I am discussing is pretty rare, but if it ever becomes the norm, it will be our complacency which is to blame."

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