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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s mom Debra ripped for ‘terrible’ song Going Off as fans say tune ‘made them lose brain cells”

TEEN Mom fans are going off on Farrah Abraham's mother Debra Danielsen and her new song, titled Going Off.

Debra, 64, describes the heavily autotuned song as a celebration of "coming into who you are fully. Being free to do 'YOU.'"

And many of the lyrics are about empowerment, including the chorus: "I'm going off tonight/I don't need you on my side/I want you out of my way/Because you're blocking my shine."

On YouTube, where the tune was just released, the singer known as Debz OG says: "I hope you all enjoy! Please let me know what you think, and be sure to download, stream & share the song!"

Well, fans are certainly letting her know what they think.

On Reddit, one commenter called it: "A complete aural assault."

Another explained: "I lost brain cells listening to this."

One person asked: "Who is buying this s**t?!? Someone must buy it bc she keeps making more, right?"

And another explained: "That was terrible! You can tell how how broke those 2 hustlers are by her crazy beats!"

While one simple stated: "Imagine her being your mom. Tragic."


This isn't the first time fans have slammed the entertainer.

In August, Debra was mocked as she made her acting debut in a movie called Three Corners of Deception.

A promotional image for the romantic movie features Debra appearing to play a doctor, wearing a lab coat and glasses and looking stoically off in the distance.

A fan wrote: "Oh Lord. The delusion runs deep within this family. Who in their right mind would put her in a movie?"

Another stated: "All-Star Cast" is a bit of a stretch, don't you think?" while a third added, "Mighty generous with the word 'actor.'"

A commentator pointed out: "Seriously what happened to her? I don't remember her being crazy.... like white straight jacket Looney toon crazy on TM2? So what happened?"


The acting and rapping serve as a distraction for the sad fact that Debra hasn't spoken to her Teen Mom daughter Farrah, 30, or her granddaughter Sophia, 12, in more than six months.

The mother and daughter famously had a rocky relationship through the years, and were often in family therapy on Teen Mom OG. 

But their latest estrangement comes after Debra visited her daughter and granddaughter in California over the spring. 

Debra exclusively told The Sun: “We haven’t talked for quite some time. May was the last time I spoke to her.”

Debra wouldn’t reveal the reason for the falling out, as she said it is a “private matter.”

She added that she has “no relationship” with her granddaughter as well. 

Debra continued: “I am sad because Sophia is an amazing person and I love her so much. We had years together. I love her. I miss her.”

The rapper added that she will “always” hope the two will mend their relationship. 

She said: “Sometimes you feel like you’re owed an apology. When you love people, like Christ loves us and forgives us, we need to do likewise. Love each other, forgive each other and work together. That’s where I’m at. What mother would not want that?”

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