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Susanna Reid in hysterics as Andi Peters has door slammed in his face by £3k winner after early morning wake-up call

SUSANNA Reid was left in hysterics as Good Morning Britain presenter Andi Peters had a door slammed in his face by a competition winner.

Elaine from Mansfield won £3,000 in the ITV show's Wake Up A Winner phone-in.

But the early morning wake-up call caught Elaine off-guard - and her shirtless partner closed the front door after shouting "oh God" when he saw the TV crew.

The moment tickled host Susanna as Andi was left red-faced at being shut out on live TV.

After knocking on the door at first, Andi shouted: "It's Andi Peters from the telly."

Turning back to camera, he joked: "That's how I like to announce myself when I arrive at people's houses."

As time went on without the door being answered, Susanna's co-host said: "You'll have to kick it down."

Then suddenly it was opened just a peep by a stunned man.

Andi said: "Good morning, is Elaine there?"

"Oh God," he replied before promptly shutting the door.

A few moments later, Elaine emerged in her dressing gown holding her pet dog.

She looked surprised as she was handed a bouquet of flowers and told she had won £3,000.

Asked what she planned to spend it on, Elaine replied: "A holiday, hopefully.

"Although we can't go abroad this year. But it definitely will come in handy."

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