Anne-Marie has revealed seeing a therapist during lockdown "changed her life" after she found herself in a "really bad place."

The ‘Birthday’ singer, who recently released her second album Therapy, appeared on Sunday Brunch on Channel 4 to talk about how a combination of help and music helped her through the pandemic.

She said: “Beyond music being therapy for a lot of people and helping people through situations and all that.

"I went through a really bad place during lockdown and just had to speak to someone. There was just no other option. I decided to speak to a therapist.

Singer Anne-Marie has said seeing a therapist during lockdown helped her turn her life around (


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"I actually tried out a therapist about three years ago, or two years ago, and I didn't really feel a connection. So, I think the second time around when I felt really low I was like, 'Well, I have tried it before'.

Anne-Marie has been opened throughout her career about her struggle with mental health, including severe anxiety, which left her fearing leaving her house.

She added: "That was the thing I thought first of all. Then my manager was like, 'It might just be the wrong person', so I tried again and luckily met this woman and she has honestly changed my life - changed my brain.

“Before I found an actual therapist writing was that for me, because I had never wrote a diary at night, I never told anyone how I feel really and without even realising I was putting it into music.”

Anne-Marie admitted she felt like she was in a 'really bad place' before starting therapy (


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The Essex star’s second album is her biggest success so far, reaching number two in the charts after her debut album Speak Your Mind peaked at number three on the official albums chart in 2018.

The 30-year-old singer teamed up with trio Little Mix for her latest single Kiss My (Uh Oh), which is currently at number 17 in the charts.

Anne-Marie said the group have often spoken about the collaboration.

She said: “Whenever we would see each other at festivals and stuff like that we would talk about having this collaboration and we tried for so long, sending songs back and forth and we never really found one.

“As I was putting the song list together for this album Kiss My (Uh Oh) was a solo song and I just listened to it and I was like, ‘No, they need to be on it’.

“So I sent it to them and luckily they loved it and then they recorded it, made it better and it became a single.”