NatWest online banking appears to have gone down this afternoon as customers struggle to log in to their accounts or make payments.

Outage tracker DownDetector is reporting complaints from hundreds of people, with the issues starting shortly before 1pm.

Just under 300 people have been struggling to get online this lunchtime, according to DownDetector.

The majority of complaints are to do with online banking problems (68%) while 28% say they can't log in.

A further 8% of the complaints are about mobile banking issues.

NatWest customers have also taken to social media to tell they bank they can't access their accounts.

One person shared a screengrab of a broken internet page that reads "site can't be reached" and said: "Is online banking down?"

Another said: "Why is the online banking down? Trying to make payments."

A third commented: "DownDetector reports jumped from 2 to 200 and I can't log in."

A fourth said: "Hi is your online banking service down? Unable to log in on both my browsers."

It is unclear what is causing the technical glitch or if other NatWest services are being affected.

The bank doesn't appear to be highlighting any scheduled maintenance or known issues on its service update page.

The Mirror has contacted NatWest for comment.

Did you have trouble accessing your money this morning? Let us know: [email protected]

Are you entitled to money back for bank glitches?

If your bank services have gone down, you aren't automatically entitled to any compensation - it instead depends on how badly the outage has affected you.

For example, if it made you miss a bill or some sort of payment, or had an impact on your credit score.

It also depends on how long the service disruption lasts for and how quickly the bank worked to resolve it.

NatWest has a dedicated pages online to help you make a complaint.

If you're considering making a complaint, you should gather evidence about how the service issues affected you and for how long.

You can contact the free Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) if you're unhappy with how the bank responds.

If you're in desperate need of access to your money but your online services are down, you can go to your local bank branch to withdraw your funds as normal.

If you don’t have a local bank branch nearby or you're unable to get there, try and call your bank or contact it on social media to ask what to do.

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