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Mama June’s daughter Anna, 27, looks just like her famous mom as star goes ‘back to blond’ in new photo

MAMA June's daughter Anna Cardwell had fans comparing her looks to her famous mom in a new photo.

The 27-year-old recently expressed her concerns about her mom possibly dating 24-year-old TikToker Jordan McCollum.

It kicked off when Anna took to Instagram to share a new photo and reveal to fans she had dyed her hair blond again after sporting purple locks for a while.

In the snap, Anna smiles and shows off her new hairstyle, and captioned it: "Not what everyone was guessing, but I will think about a few of the colors, but for right now I’m back blonde - got an interview for a good job so had to go back."

She then asked fans what they think about her going "back to blond."

However, people were more quick to let the TV star know how much she resembles her mom.

One person wrote: "You look so much like your mama here," as another chimed in with, "I thought this was June…. wow she really does resemble her mother."

Another added: "You look like your mom!" while a fourth reacted, "Probably not what you want to hear, but boy do you look like your mom."

The comparison comes after Anna expressed her concerns over her mom's new friend, who has detailed his struggles with sobriety on TikTok.

She exclusively told The Sun: “If he starts using again, that's not healthy for Mama and he’s only 24-years-old. Mama needs to calm down and focus on herself."

Anna added: “He doesn't have a lot of time on him. If he relapses, I hope he at least does it away from her. She’s on probation, and if she fails a drug test at any time she will go back to jail."


In 2019, June was arrested on drug charges, including possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia charges in Alabama.

The Mama June: From Not to Hot star, 42, was arrested with her then-boyfriend Geno Doak, who was charged with third-degree domestic violence, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

It is estimated that June spent an eye-opening $900,000 in a year on drugs.

Geno had been sentenced to 16 months for the crime after June avoided any jail time and received community service instead.


Anna also Anna said that beyond her concerns for her mom's wellbeing, she is also worried about how her mother’s addiction has impacted their family - and specifically her sisters Lauryn "Pumpkin" Efird, 21, and Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson, 16.

The mother of two said: “She just got back with seeing Pumpkin again and Pumpkin’s new baby. I just don't want it to mess up Pumpkin again.

“Alana was upset when Mama was messed up, but Pumpkin was pissed.”


Amid her daughter's concerns, June took to social media to respond to it all, as she wrote: "I’m just gonna put this out there to be honest with you Anna really does’t know anything about my addiction doesn’t know anything about my clean time and when the story came out she was hanging around my very toxic mother."

She added: "FYI guys Jordan is only my best friend. It’s not somebody that is my toy boy or I’m not his sugar mama we are friends.

"Jordan is an amazing person n yes we bonded over recovery but there is no romantic connection whatsoever and now it time to talk about something else."

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