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I nearly had my foot amputated in a trampolining accident that left my ankle ‘hanging on by skin’ when bones shattered

A MUM nearly lost her foot in a horror trampolining accident that left her ankle "hanging on by the skin" as it "snapped off."

Victoria McDonald, 34, was bouncing at an indoor centre with her son, sister and nephew when she felt a “twinge” in her foot.

But she soon realised that she had shattered every bone in her foot and torn all the ligaments and tendons - and her ankle was just being held together by the skin.

Victoria, from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, said: “They took X-rays and sent them to five orthopaedic surgeons. Three said there was no saving it.

“They tried multiple attempts to get it together – it took five-and-a-half hours.

"They had to suction out two bones as I’d shattered them and there was no fixing them. I had to learn to walk again.”

The mum had been bouncing from one trampoline to another when the horrific ordeal happened.

She had visited the trampoline park four times before her traumatic visit in October 2019 - but has now warned other parents about the dangers as the summer holidays commence.

Victoria said: “I felt a twinge.

"If you’ve ever fallen off a kerb, it felt like that.

"I turned over and my foot was literally attached by the skin on the left hand side of my leg.


“If I tried to move it would have ripped off – blood was all over the trampoline.

“It was surreal. I didn’t think it was real, and then my son started screaming. There were kids still jumping on the trampoline I was sat on.”

Victoria spent an agonising seven weeks with a metal frame on her leg - but medics warned there was still no guarantee that her ankle would not collapse once she put her weight on it.

The accident still affects the mum-of-one - as she's not allowed to wear high heels or run ever again.

She said: “It will be two years in October and I’m still so limited in what I can do. I’ve got a walking stick I need to take everywhere.

“I didn’t realise how many injuries happen at trampoline parks. When you do go to a trampoline park you sign a waiver to go in, so you get no compensation.

“If you go on to a no win, no fee page, all of them refuse to take on trampoline parks.”

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