The Gavin and Stacey cast “don’t dare” to ask if there will be another series.

Alison Steadman, 75, who plays Essex matriarch Pam Shipman in the beloved sitcom, explained that they give show creators and co-stars Ruth Jones and James Cordon space and time to work on new ideas.

She told the Daily Star : "We don't ask, it's kind of a given that you don't go up and say 'Ruth, is there going to be any more?'

"Believe me, if there's going to be any more, they will just get on with it and we'll find out, it's not fair to them to start probing and digging, so none of us would dare to do that."

Viewers last got to see what the Shipman family and their Welsh in-laws were getting up to in a 2019 Christmas special.

It showed Nessa - played by 54-year-old Ruth - and Smithy - played by James, 43 - finally revealing their true feelings for one another after 12 years of co-parenting their son Neil Noel Edmunds Smith, who was conceived in a drunken fumble a previous Christmas.

The Shipman and West families are at the heart of the laugh out loud sitcom (



There were additional storylines that tied up some loose ends - and fans almost got to find out once and for all what had happened on Uncle Bryn and Jason’s fishing trip.

Alison added that she and the rest of the cast love the show as much as fans, and that its popularity weighed heavily on her mind before they filmed the one-off festive special.

She said: "People have never stopped watching it, I meet people all the time and they say 'I didn't see it the first time but I'm catching up with it', it's really grown amazingly, I just love it because it was such a happy time and a lovely series to do, everybody was broken up when we finished.

Alison Steadman plays glamorous Essex matriarch Pam (


Pam and Mick, played by Larry Lamb (


BBC/GS TV Productions Ltd/Tom Jackson)

"Everyone was crying when they did their last take, everyone sort of bowed their heads and cried, including myself and we never thought it would come back.

"So the fact that we did this Christmas special was ridiculous. I was nervous about going back to Gavin and Stacey because it had been ten years since we'd done it and I thought 'Can I get the character back? Will it be ok?', when something has been so successful, you don't want to let everyone down."

Joanna Page, who plays Stacey, has also admitted she doesn't know if the show will ever return.

But although work chat is off the menu with Ruth, the pair are in a WhatsApp group and love to send one another memes of Pam.

The show last aired a Christmas special in 2019 (


BBC/GS TV Productions Ltd/Tom Jackson)

Alison said: “At the end of Line of Duty, the final episode, somebody put this thing of Pam going 'Is that it?!' they used that and put a picture of Line of Duty underneath so when I got sent that, I immediately put it on our WhatsApp group for Gavin and Stacey.”

Alison was speaking to the paper to promote a new initiative with Omaze to raise funds for Childline.

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