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Drug dealer, 19, dubbed ‘Kitty of Crackland’ sold drugs hidden in bra & knickers as cops seize coke, crack & MDMA

A DRUG dealer dubbed the "Kitty of Crackland" has been arrested after she was found with drugs stuffed into her underwear.

Detectives said they found weed shoved into bra, while they found crack cocaine hidden in her knickers when they busted her in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Lorraine Cutier Bauer Romeiro, 19, is facing charges - and her boyfriend, reportedly named Andre Japonês, was also arrested over the scheme.

Police said they pounced on the teen after they spotted her selling crack from a tent the streets.

Detectives found on her small amounts of weed stuffed into her brassiere - and then discovered six bags of coke in her underwear, along with 15 crack rocks.

The area she was allegedly operating in his so riddled with drugs it has become known as "Cracoloandia" or "Crack Land".

Romeiro reportedly confessed she was also holding a large number of narcotics as a nearby hotel called  Hotel Avare.

Cops raided her room and also arrested the manager as they found a backpack with 85 bags of marijuana, 295 bags of cocaine and eight of crack. 97 perfume bottles, and 16 ecstasy pills.

Her lawyer, Ana Paula Soares, told local media that she has not yet had access to her client and that she would make a statement at a later date.

And her older Lorruan lamented his sister's alleged crimes as he said she had got involved with the "wrong people".

He said she must pay for her mistakes as he backed the cops.

"She got involved with the wrong people. She was always a good person, from a good family. We always gave advice," he told R7.

The siblings lost their dad Ricardo Romeiro seven years ago when he was shot in the head - something he suspects led his sister to a life of crime.

He said: "I took it one way, I'm her older brother, and she ended up taking it another way.

"That doesn't justify her attitudes, I always told her that, but in a way it may have influenced.

"I never put my hand on her head. What she did is wrong, and she'll pay."

Police believe "Crack Land" is one of the most drug riddled parts of Sao Paulo - with criminal gangs having a stranglehold as they sell with impunity, even giving out free samples to try and coax in more customers.

Kilogram bricks of drugs are shipped in every day, with dealers openly setting up stalls on the streets and selling out of hotels as they prey on their customers.

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