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Delta Covid variant MAPPED: 200m cases expected - but which nations have most Delta cases?

Delta variant ‘is a different kind of beast’ says Walensky

The Delta coronavirus variant has been detected in several countries worldwide and is expected to become the dominant variant globally in the coming months. The WHO predicts there could be more than 200 million confirmed cases within a matter of weeks. has studied variant maps to show where and how the Delta variant has spread around the world so far.

The Delta coronavirus variant is one of several mutations of the original virus which brought the world to its knees from late 2019.

The Delta variant has prompted a surge in Covid infections across the UK and even prevented the planned easing of lockdown in June.

The final stage of lockdown easing took place in July, but cases of the Delta variant are still prolific across the country.

There is no definitive record of how many Delta variant cases have been detected as not all samples are sequenced, but it is suspected the mutation accounts for most new confirmed cases in the UK.

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Delta Covid variant MAPPED: Map

Delta Covid variant MAPPED: Which countries around the world have the most Delta cases? (Image: GETTY)

Delta Covid variant MAPPED: New cases

Delta Covid variant MAPPED: New cases reported in the past 24 hours (Image: WHO)

On Friday, 29, 622 new positive cases of Covid were reported in the UK, which is a decrease from the day before.

The average number of daily confirmed cases rose sharply in June and early July, but now appears to be falling.

The rise in cases was being driven by the Delta variant, which spread faster than the previously most common Kent variant (now named Alpha).

There have been a total of 324,192 confirmed and probable cases of the Delta variant in the UK, according to the latest Government data.

Of which 37,427 were new cases in the last week up to July 21.

Delta Covid variant MAPPED: Map

Delta Covid variant MAPPED: Delta variant cases from around the globe (Image: GISAID)

Brisbane, Australia, is now in lockdown as authorities attempt to curb Delta variant cases from spreading.

Millions of people in Brisbane and other parts of Queensland have been placed under stay-at-home orders from Saturday for three days.

They can only leave to undertake essential work, exercise, for medical treatment or to buy essential goods.

China is attempting to contain its work Covid outbreak in months, with health officials blaming the Delta variant for a recent surge in 14 provinces.

The nation reported 328 symptomatic infections in July, almost equal to the total number of local cases from February to June according to AFP.

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Delta Covid variant MAPPED: WHO map

Delta Covid variant MAPPED: The percentage change of all cases according to WHO (Image: WHO)

The Delta variant, first detected in India, has now spread to many countries around the world.

According to GISAID, a database which collates genetically sequenced COVID-19 samples from around the globe, the UK has reported the highest number of Delta cases in the past four weeks.

The UK has reported 57,253 new Delta variant cases in the past four weeks, equating to 99.6 percent of all confirmed sequenced cases - bringing the nation’s total Delta variant count to 183,547.

The USA had the second highest number of cases reported according to the platform with 12,534 new cases over the past four weeks.

The USA has recorded a total number of 33,402 Delta cases so far.

Delta Covid variant MAPPED: Map

Delta Covid variant MAPPED: Where the Delta variant has been detected so far (Image: GISAID)

The data reveals the following countries reported new Delta variant cases over the past four weeks:

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