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Celebrating Edinburgh Zoo's iconic pandas which arrived in the capital ten years ago this week

Yang Guang and Tian Tian are two of the biggest attractions at the zoo since they arrived nearly a decade ago.

For over a decade now, two iconic Giant Pandas have been delighting fans at one popular Scottish zoo.

Male panda Yang Guang and female Tian Tian first arrived at Edinburgh Zoo in 2011 and have been one of the biggest attractions ever since.

Nicknamed Sweetie (Tian Tian) and Sunshine (Yang Guang), the duo were the first pandas to live in the UK for 17 years when they first arrived, and are here as part of a ten-year loan deal with the Chinese Government.

David Field, the chief executive of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland which runs the zoo, said that the pair have made a "tremendous impression" on visitors over the last ten years, helping millions of people connect to nature and inspiring visitors to take "an interest in wildlife conservation".

Though their loan is due to run out soon, a spokesperson for the charity said that they still hope to extend the pair's stay and that they remain in talks with their colleagues in China.

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The elusive and rare creatures live in scattered populations in central China in the wild, where they specialize in eating bamboo in the temperate bamboo forests in the mountains of central China.

They are currently under threat due to deforestation which threatens their habitats, there are fewer than 2,000 giant pandas left in the wild.

Fans can see what they are up to using the zoo's Panda Cams, which can be viewed here.

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