Brian Conley has revealed starring on Strictly Come Dancing was the perfect platform to prepare him for his EastEnders debut.

Actor and funnyman Brian has been a big hit since he first set foot in Albert Square last month as the character Terry Cant.

While some actors might understandably have been nervous about making their debut on the iconic BBC One soap, 59-year-old Brian has admitted his debut on Strictly was far scarier.

Speaking to presenters Gethin Jones and Kym Marsh on Morning Live, Brian revealed strutting his stuff in front of the nation was a much more daunting prospect.

"I can’t imagine someone like you gets nervous, but in that moment, when you saw the black cab and you’re on the set, the famous square, was there a bit of anxiety starting a new job like that?" enquired Gethin.

Brian has been a big hit since making his EastEnders debut
Brian has been a big hit since making his EastEnders debut

"Yeah, course!" replied Brian. "I know you’ve got Janette [Manrara] on [the show] later too, of course who’s a big star of Strictly and I was a part of that, so that was a different league, you know, that really was.

"Dancing the Cha Cha Cha. When they say that, you know, that’s the best-known laxative in show business!

“When you’re standing there in front of 11million people and once you’ve done that, everything sort of, you know what I’m trying to say, it’s not as bad.”

Brian gives it his all on Strictly Come Dancing
Brian gives it his all on Strictly Come Dancing

Brian admitted: “But yes I was nervous [about my EastEnders debut, you want to get it right and it’s a big gig!

"When you’re standing in the [Queen] Vic that is so iconic, everyone knows that room and it’s a bit like being let into the inner sanctum because there’s corridors.

"There’s ways and then suddenly you’re in this sort of famous area where Angie and Dirty Den – he handed over the divorce papers and 32 million people watched that moment.

"So to be there and work there and to be with iconic, you know, Soap royalty, they really all are.”

Former I'm A Celebrity Get Me O ut Of Here! star Brian has worked on a string of TV shows, both as an actor and presenter during a successful career in the industry.

But getting his break in EastEnders was a dream come true for the entertainer who is just thankful to still be working whilst the coronavirus pandemic continues.

Kym asked: "What’s in store for your character Terry then?"

"Well Terry, A.K.A Rocky, which is my nickname - which is another long story, he does sort of embellish on certain parts of his life" teased Brian.

"I get a bit flirty with Gilly [actress Gillian Taylforth], who of course is Kathy in the show - so I don't get flirty with Gilly cause my wife wouldn’t be happy about that, I get flirty with Kathy which is much to the amusement of my wife".