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Dad murdered baby boy after mum covered up his abuse

A dad killed his baby boy by violently shaking him after the child's mum previously covered up his abuse.

Mihai-Catalin Gulie inflicted irreparable brain damage on six-month-old Robert Ion when his mum had gone out to a shop.

But prosecutors said it wasn't the first time Robert - who was born with Down's Syndrome - had been attacked by his dad.

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His mum Gabriela Ion previously tried to cover up the baby's bruises - and injuries including broken ribs - with toothpaste.

She admitted doing so, but said she didn't foresee the fatal attack and blamed her husband for the killing.

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Major changes for Mersey Tunnels users as new video tech installed

Liverpool entrance to the Queensway Mersey tunnel
Liverpool entrance to the Queensway Mersey tunnel

A major project to install video technology at the Mersey Tunnels has been completed - with the Fast Tag account system set to be replaced.

Video technology will be introduced from Wednesday, November 3 at both Mersey Tunnels with the launch of a new pre-payment system following an £850,000 scheme.

The new system is called 'T-FLOW' and will replace Fast Tag used at the Queensway (Birkenhead) and Kingsway (Wallasey) tunnels, in a bid to modernise the way tunnel users pre-pay for their journeys.

Cllr Liam Robinson, transport and air quality portfolio holder for the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, said: “The new video-tolling system is another example of the continued investment that the combined authority is making in both of our Mersey Tunnels.

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Man's revenge on foul mouthed neighbour after demanding he sell his 'noisy car'

Martin Evans' noisy Subaru
Martin Evans' noisy Subaru

A man who was told by his neighbour to sell his 'noisy'' Subaru got his own back with the help of 25,000 other car lovers.

Martin Evans claims he was confronted with 'furious messages' from his neighbour 'Gary', whose name has been changed, at 6.30am on Wednesday, October 20.

In the messages the neighbour demanded he he get rid of "that f*****g car as it's "waking the whole street every morning".

The message read: "You need to get rid of that f**king car. It's waking the whole street up every morning. I've had enough now. I will be knocking on [and] having a word."

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