A guest on Antiques Roadshow worried she'd started a "family dispute" after getting a small painting valued.

A lady bought her prized possession, that was given to her from her grandfather, to Morden Hall Park in London as she was keen to find out what it might be worth.

She spoke to expert Lawrence Hendra, who was impressed by the tiny painting - but admitted some might find it "underwhelming" or even a "bit confusing" at first. However, Lawrence was very interested.

He said: "Some people might take a look at this little picture and perhaps think it's underwhelming, even a bit confusing, but I find it very interesting."

The painting was worth a hefty sum

The guest went on to explain how her grandfather, who was a German Jew, purchased the picture in the early 1920s. Lawrence then went on to reveal it was done by a German Jewish artist, who liked the use of colour in his pictures.

He explained that paintings by this artist regularly become available but this is quite a small one, before adding: "If this was to come up at auction I think it would still sell in the region of £20,000."

The crowd gathered around the pair were audibly shocked by the high value item, with the lady adding: "Wow, you have amazed me, I didn't think that. Now I'm a bit worried, I hope we're not going to have family disputes about it!"

The lady was shocked by its true value

It comes after an Antiques Roadshow expert stunned himself after initially dismissing a piece as a "modern dud", before later revealing it could actually be worth £15,000.

He was discussing the buddha brought in by a guest, which he confessed he would have initially passed off as a dud because of the rather weird ways the lady had decided to clean it when she was younger.

The lady recalled how she used a brillo pad and lemon juice to try and clean the prized possession, not knowing its true value, when she was around 15-years-old.

The buddha could have been worth over £15000

However, she was left stunned as the expert said it could be worth up to £15,000.

Antiques Roadshow viewers have been left aghast by many different treasures in the past, including a 48-blade penknife, but it was far more valuable than just the family heirloom and an expert said it was easily worth £3000.